• I'm in a band, how do I get a gig at B2 Venue?

      Firstly, read through our booking conditions. If you're happy and up for getting your band in B2 Venue, send us an email telling us a bit about yourselves and your band. You will need to tell us what other bands you are adding to the bill, ticket price, how you are going to sell tickets.  We also need access to band photos, social media links and promotional material to help us promote your show.  Once you have given us all this information, we can arrange a suitable date for your show.

    • What happens if I book my show and no-one turns up?

      This is quite a common question and sadly one we have acted upon many times.  B2 Venue was built to help promote local music.  We do this by giving you the venue free of charge for your gig.  We only ask that a minimum of 20 people turn up to watch your show. This will just about cover our staffing costs for the night. Unfortunately on a few occasions either due to circumstance or poor organisation we have pulled shows where less than 20 people have attended.  On occasions such as these, we will however give you the option to pay for our staffing costs before we pull the gig. If you agree to pay our staff costs for the remainder of the evening, we will allow the event to run whether there are 3 people watching or 19. It may seem a little extreme but it helps us to continue to offer B2 Venue free of charge for bands to put on their own shows.

    • What percentage of our ticket sales do you take?

      Absolutely 0%!!  As stated before, B2 Venue exists to help bands put on shows and promote themselves.  When you book your show it is up to you to decide your entry/ticket price.  You get to keep 100% of whatever you make from your gig.  Again, all we ask is that you have a minimum of 20 people in attendance and provided someone you trust to staff the door (not security) to take your ticket money. 

    • We would like to be able to sell tickets online, can you help with this?

      Absolutely, we work in partnership with the UEA LCR for our ticketing needs so we can help you get your tickets up for sale fast and efficiently.  We can then link through to the box office from our website and also provide you with a link to use on your own media.  We can then provide you with up to date ticket information leading up to your show.  The UEA LCR add a small booking fee onto each ticket sale. On the night of your show we will then provide you with a print out form the box office of ticket sales and give you the proceeds from your online sales.

    • Do you have disabled access?

      When B2 Venue was built, it was designed in accordance to the Equality Act 2010.  This means that all our doors are wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs, the toilets have a larger cubicle for wheelchair users. B2 Venue has limited furniture and wooden floors so is easy to manoeuvre around in.  For those in need of seating, we can provide stools or chairs upon request and our staff are always on hand to help with any additional needs.  

    • Is there an age restriction in B2 Venue?

      Generally no, because B2 Venue was purpose built for music. The bar is ancillary to this. Some shows will have age restrictions on but these are determined by the bands and promoters that are putting on the shows, not the venue. Some show content may not be deemed appropriate for younger children.  Where there is an age restriction it will be noted on the show information.  If you do not see one then it means there isn't one.  We do ask that all under 16's are accompanied by parents though. For parents that are bringing their teenagers to gigs firstly - good on ya and secondly, earplugs are available at the bar!

    • Do you have any house equipment we can use?

      Yes we do!  We have a full drum kit, including breakables.  We have a bass combo, two guitar 4x12 cabs and heads to go with them.  We also have a keyboard should you need it.  All PA, lighting, microphones, cables and stands are also on site.  These are all available for use free of charge.  Check the tech spec list for a more detailed list of our house equipment.

    • I'm looking for a venue to hold a party, is B2 Venue suitable?

      B2 Venue is very versatile and whilst set up primarily for music events, it is adaptable to most situations.  So far B2 Venue has hosted Weddings, Christenings, Funerals, AGMs, Training Days, Birthday parties for adults and kids and various workshops for schools and music colleges alike.  We have facilities to provide hot and cold refreshment, disco and karaoke contacts, the use of a projector and screen and lots of furniture we can move around for your use.  If there's something specific you require I'm sure we can help, just drop us an email

    • Something we've missed?

      Do you have a question that isn't answered here?  No problem - get in touch and ask, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.  Thank you :)