• Ghosts Of Atlantis

    October 1, 2022
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  • DateSaturday 1st October
    Time7:30PM - 11PM
    Ticket prices £TBA
  • A night of the ethereal dark and slightly wet...

    Hailing from deepest, darkest Suffolk, Ghosts Of Atlantis are a metal band that carry a wealth of experience and professionalism.
    Like both Cradle Of Filth, and Devilment before it, Ghosts Of Atlantis continues the tradition and staple of the witch county trademark sound. The sound is dark and aggressive, sinister and twisted, yet universally appealing due to big chorus lines, emotive orchestration and massive hooks.
    Sonically, the band crosses many genres and lyrical styles, from poetic spoken word elements, full choirs, and memorable choruses to guttural destruction carried forth through the main vocals. Ghosts Of Atlantis (G.O.A) features both present and past members of Devilment, Failed Humanity, The Conflict Within and Cold Lazarus.
    The band members involved have been signed to Nuclear blast, Candlelight records and New rising records. All of the members have been in bands together for the last 9 years, and the chemistry within the band is superb. All have been on either headline or support tours across the world in their various projects.

    Collapse The Sky are a 5 piece Metal band from Norwich, UK. The group formed in 2016 from the evolution of early demos from guitarist Flynn Green and vocalist Lee Margaillan, enabling them to release their debut album ’Seven Eyes’ in the same year. Months later the band progressed through to the finals of Bloodstock Festival’s Metal to the Masses and this was the catalyst for the band to rocket forward. 

Collapse The Sky have worked relentlessly ever since, having now released an additional two albums, Consumed (2018), and White Flags (2022) and have had the pleasure of opening for bands such as King 810 and Heart of a Coward. In April 2022 the band re-entered the Metal to the Masses competition, again progressing through the initial heats and semi-finals to then win the final securing them a slot on the New Blood stage at Bloodstock 2022.
    Their relentless riffs and soulful aggression combined with a crazy live performance makes Collapse The Sky a fierce and unique metal unit.


    CTOAN are a four piece band formed in Norwich, England, combining a mixture of both hard rock and progressive metal.
    Tellus: earth/land/mother.
    Effluentia: outpouring/escaping/passing away.

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