• Discover A Fire

    August 13, 2022
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  • DateSaturday 13th August
    Time7pm - 11pm
    Ticket prices £6.50
  • Discover A Fire - Melodic Punk Rock from Norfolk. Discover A Fire sit very comfortably between the Pop-Punk sensibilities found in classic 90’s Punk and the soaring vocal and guitar melodies found in early 2000’s Skate Punk.

    On A Hiding To Nothing - Melodic punk / skate punk band from London, UK. For fans of: Nofx, No Use for A Name

    Making Friends - Superfast melodic skate punk band from Brighton. Inspired by SoCal bands but vow to never use an American accent they’ve released 2 EPs in a year and are working on a full legnth album.

    Delest - This year we have an important leap and we want you to take it with us because we don't know a better way to die than playing punkrock, There is no better way to die than to spend your energy on what fills you the most. There is no better way to die than to live awake a dream that repeats itself every day and does not stop growing. "The Best Way to Die"


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  • Discover a Fire - A Calculated Risk