• Six Little Fingers

    May 27, 2022
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  • DateFriday 27th May 2022
    Time8:15pm - 11pm
    Ticket prices £9
  • A night of classics from two of the biggest bands in UK punk!
    SIX LITTLE FINGERS will be celebrating the songs from one of the greatest bands of all time: Stiff Little Fingers. SLF exploded onto the punk scene in 1977 with their release of Suspect Device; this was followed by a string of punk classics such as Alternative Ulster, At The Edge, Fly The Flag and Tin Soldiers. Although not a tribute act in the truest sense, 6LF perform with the same power and passion that has ensured these songs (and many more) have stood the test of time over the past forty-plus years
    THE PISTOLS are a fully authentic, world renowned Sex Pistols tribute act from Good Old London Town, who will be playing all of the original material from one of the the most influential bands of our time - the innovators of punk rock. All of the blistering hits such as Pretty Vacant, God Save The Queen and Anarchy In the UK are there...but you will also be treated to the farcical gems of the Sex Pistols aftermath such as Friggin In The Riggin, Silly Thing and My Way.

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  • Alternative Ulster (Stiff Little Fingers cover by 6LF 14.02.2020)