• Rental Info


    • We will need your contact number and full name incase we need to get in touch over the gig.
    • You would be arranging the gig... So you would need to find your own supports!!
    • Room capacity is 200.
    • Assuming the gig isn't a Hardcore then the age policy is 14+.
    • The Room / PA / Sound Engineer all come for free however should you require a Sound Engineer before 7pm there is a charge of £10 per hour.
    • Set times are up to you.. Normally it's 3 bands (better if 2 are local) and they play for about 40 mins each.
    • You would need to arrange for someone to be on the door to take the money and to keep the doors closed while the bands are playing, this is essential as the doors act as a soundproof vacum for the room and therefore have to be closed. Should this not happen the gig will be closed down to preserve our licence.
    • The price you set for entry is up to you and all of the money you take on the door is yours to keep or to share with the other bands... Its entirely up to you!  All we ask is that you let the bands know whether they are playing for free or whether they are getting paid as we wouldn't want them to think the venue was responsible for paying them.
    • We have a full backline that you are welcome to use... Please check our tech specs under venue info more a full equipment list.
    • You must advertise the gig... It is up to you to get people through the door, we advertise in every local paper, listings magazine, on the internet, on facebook, reverbnation, grapevine, outline and many more, but you must do your fair share aswell!
    • We are happy to sell tickets for the gig through the UEA ticket website, however please be aware we do get charged a 5% commission for this which would come off your ticket price.
    • Finally should less than 20 people (Not Bands) turn up to the gig please be aware that there is very high likelihood that the gig will be cancelled due to the costs of the room not being met!

    If you are happy with these booking conditions please send us an email with the relevant contact details and information on the show you are promoting.  We will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss a date.

    We look forward to working with you!