April 24, 2020
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  • DateFriday 24th April 2020
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  • Molly Karloff + Spreading The Disease + Lynchwood + The Self-Titled

    Molly Karloff
    The hard-hitting, three-piece British alt-rock, grunge rock band, release their highly anticipated follow-up EP, “Supernaturalation” on Friday 6th March 2020, with part one of their UK tour starting with the launch party.
    Since the release of their critically acclaimed debut EP, “Dancing for Money” (2018), the Oxfordshire based band have toured their contagiously hook-filled, fist pumping sound around the country, including packed venues across Oxfordshire and London’s Camden Town.
    Whether they are playing at rock and metal festivals in Oxfordshire or supporting Oliver Dawson’s Saxon at RockFest, people are talking about Molly Karloff’s addictive riff driven, no-nonsense punchy rock sound in a very positive way.

    Spreading The Disease
    “Spreading the disease” is a modern metal band, the baby of “Steve Saunders” .The band is based in KENT. UK. Born in late 2014.Having spent many years belonging to various bands Steve decided to create a band that allowed for a different approach to both band policy and creativeness. The end goal to produce a sound and music that although draws from many bands and influences throws it all into a melting pot and comes out the other side with something that in this day and age is hard to achieve, a sound of their own a distinctive style that cannot be pigeon holed to say the least.

    The Self-Titled
    The band sits well with a whole range of Rock and Metal genres, which makes them quite unique in the Rock & Metal world. They have a polished live performance and put on a very energetic, high-octane show. The band is comfortable on a large stage and are destined for the big time as they continue to expand their profile and loyal fan base with performances all over. Keep an eye out for THE SELF TITLED. 
    How to make a Lynchwood:
    -Take an Indie band
    -a dose of hardcore
    -a pinch of metal
    -a spoonful of mosh

    *Guaranteed to wake up any crowd>>

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