March 14, 2020
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  • DateSaturday 14th March 2020
    Ticket prices £20 ADV / £25 OTD
  • Lifesigns album, seamless and almost commercial in its aspirations, it changes time, it changes key – but you would hardly notice. Lifesigns recording features John, Frosty, Steve, and the masterful Nick Beggs (bass, chapman stick & vocals) Guests: Steve Hackett (guitars) Jakko Jakszyk (guitars) Thijs Van Leer (flutes). The album is full of melodic innovation but still has tunes that will stay in your head long after you finish listening … Don’t take our word for it – there are many reviews on Amazon alone which will hopefully tickle your musical taste buds.

    Music that gives us much needed optimism in these trying times. A new light in the progressive firmament.

    As well as the core band members the Lifesigns project also contains guest contributions from Steve Hackett (Genesis), Jakko Jakszyk (Jakszyk Fripp & Collins), Thijs van Leer (Focus), Robin Boult (Howard Jones, Fish).

    'Signs of new modern prog life detected… Quintessentially English, modern prog: Short and long-form musical structures, layered sound and melodic guitar lines over keyboard washes. Changes of tempo and time signature variations; tenor, high tenor or female vocals commonly utilised to compliment the soaring instrumentation and arrangements…”I’m calling out, too far to hear…” cries the plaintive voice of John Young on ‘Lighthouse.’ I hear what you’re saying just fine, John; I just hope and trust many others do, too.Because these Lifesigns deserve to be detected well beyond the borders of Prog-land.' - Ross Muir 



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  • Impossible - Lifesigns