July 28, 2019
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  • DateSunday 28th July 2019
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  • Coldharbour are a three piece Rock/Grunge band with a passion for music. They use all kinds of genres, from prog to metal all the way to prog-metal.

    The combination of Tom Browns grunge based riffs, Alex Taylor-Thomas Coe and his funk fueled and metal inspired bass flourishes and Ian Arnold a drummer with a love of everything from Jazz to Blast-beats!
    Their music is a combination of the bands they grew up listening to, combined with their own good and bad touches. Mostly grunge, rock, metal and a smidgen of prog.


    Plus Unit 33
    Unit33 were formed in late 2017. With a love for Heavy metal and Hard Amrican rock , their own distinctive style was created. With melodic vocals and thrashing heavy metal guitar sections, their set was born! Fans of the likes of Altrbridge and Shinedown through to Slipknot and Killswitch Engaged will love this hard hitting quartet !!

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  • Coldharbour - Hour Of The Wolf