April 5, 2019
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  • DateFriday 5th April 2019
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  • Hyperfox are a 3-piece punk rock / dubstep band from Norwich in the UK.

    "New on the scene, Hyperfox kick things off with a strong set of melodic hardcore-meets-early 90s alt rock. And it is good, very good. For the most part, this reminds me a little of a more urgent – if less experimental - Girls Against Boys. There is a danger that this could veer into seen-it-all-before territory but drummer Luke’s human beatboxing and vocalist/guitarist Oli’s synth noises take things in an interesting and original direction. Hell, ‘Vader’ even manages to sound like Johnny Violent’s Ultraviolence hardcore/gabba crossover covered by Buzzcocks. Together with bassist Max, the trio make a big, anthemic noise and will surely only get better." - LIVE REVIEW: HYPERFOX @ THE OWL SANCTUARY, NORWICH (B-Side Music Magazine)

    Support from:
    Smoking Mirrors
    Smoking Mirrors were formed in 2018, Since forming the band has gone on to release there first Single Money Man which was recorded at Crystal Sound Studios with Tom Joy.
    Big Guitar Riffs,Melodic vocal mixed with hip hop,Fat bass and drums all combines a sound that we all you to hear.

    Space Is Big
    Henry Opiña is an immigrant from the faraway land of Southern Epsom. He stowed away to Norwich on a boat attached to the trailer of some poor man, who only wanted to spend some time with his family in Cromer. Alas he did not make it there alive. Luckily, they all fit on the same boat and a viking funeral was possible. After telling local Norwich celebrity this story, Olivander Taylor was inspired to write 'Norman Ground' and from there came the band's first hit single, knocking off Rick Astley's title for 'most popular song to send to people you hate'.

    Punk band from Norwich. Following the release of their single Dreamer, they are currently focused on playing live across the East of England.



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